Exhibitions - 2014
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'9 x 5', December, 2014 'Art Around the World', (New York)
December, 2014

Selected Work from Exhibitions - 1992-2013
This slide show is only a selection, detailing recent paintings and related
work from previous exhibitions. To see other work, go to gallery or individual exhibitions

'The Illusion of Reality', (Italy)
November, 2014
'The Linden Postcard Show', October, 2014
'ArtCloud#4, (Italy) September, 2014 'Can't Wait Till Summer',
September, 2014
'Outback Open Art Prize',
July, 2014
'International Exhibition', (New York)
June, 2014
'Sydney Shorelines'
March, 2014
March, 2014


'Women in Art', (New York)
March, 2014
'Brave Art',
February, 2014
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