Exhibitions - 2022
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  'The Linden Postcard Show', December, 2022

Selected Work from Exhibitions - 1992-2013
This slide show is only a selection, detailing recent paintings and related
work from previous exhibitions. To see other work, go to gallery or individual exhibitions.


'Small Things', December, 2022
'Off the Wall', November, 2022
'Evening, Night, Morning', November, 2022
'Masterpiece', November, 2022
'Changing Perspectives', September, 2022
From Around Here', September, 2022
'Beautiful Hometown', September, 2022
'Finding The Sounds of Pastel', September, 2022
'AAF Melbourne', September, 2022
'Eltham Art Show', September, 2022
'We are Reversal', August, 2022
'Escape', July, 2022
'TOAF' Virtual Edition, May, 2022
'That's Life', May, 2022
BAGS Members, March, 2022
'Bayside Local', Jan, 2022
'Linden Postcard Show', Dec, '21-Feb, '22
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